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Top Online Casinos for your country – The goal of this site is to identify and recommend secure online gambling websites, hence the most important criteria when ranking online casinos in order is safety.

A dishonest or unreliable online casino site is never worth it. The sheer amount of promotions, bonuses, games, and such a casino offers means next to nothing in case you’re unsure of your chances of getting your hypothetical winnings cashed out.

What Do These Sites Have In Common?

Safety First

A recent example of rogue behavior in the casino world comes from Affactive and Revenue Jet.

The owners of these casino groups were arrested and the casinos shut down after being accused of crimes like securities fraud, identity theft and money laundering.

Any legitimate informational website would have stopped promoting them a long time ago due to various reports of Affactive and Revenue Jet’s customers being ripped-off, but they were greedy and kept promoting these casinos due to higher commissions (no wonder the casinos were able to pay higher commissions since they rarely paid their players).

The #1 goal when playing casino games should be to have fun (because the casino has an edge over you in the long run); hopefully you can win real money as well, which is great and all unless the online casino fails to respect your withdrawal request. Plenty of such sites have existed (many of which can fortunately be addressed in the past tense) and plenty still do.

I’ve called the online gambling world ”a minefield” throughout the time I’ve been involved in it, and after being in the business for over a decade, I still can’t help but say the same thing. You really have to watch where you step.

Fortunately, there are informational sites that will guide you through the minefield. They cover only a small percentage of the whole market – perhaps less than 1% – but they still exist. Our goal is to make as informational, reliable, and helpful as possible; we’re set on belonging to that precious 1%.

Other Important Considerations

While it’s too much to ask for most internet casino sites to be reliable and honest, every now and then you’ll find a casino that meets the criteria. Choosing the winner out of that bunch comes down to quality of customer service, software, transparency and promotions, among other things.

We’ve done our best to take as much into account as we can. Here’s what we have and what you should take into account when analyzing an online casino’s competitiveness within those important areas:

Customer Service

Helpful customer service is necessary when dealing with problems such as confusion about bonus wagering requirements, in-play errors, and withdrawal processing delays. All of these are common problems (every casino is bound to have some of them once in a while); how they’re solved is what counts.

Poor customer service always makes you work hard when solving problems (certainly harder than you should have to work), and too often the worst-case scenario is also the most likely scenario (the problem remains unsolved).

Many online casinos have hired customer service representatives from other companies. The representatives work outside of the office, and judging by the quality of work, outside of any supervision. This usually leads to a poor customer service experience.


I’ve always said that if I were to open an online casino, I would be extremely transparent when it comes to bonus wagering requirements, payback percentages, and such. Any time a casino refuses to provide its customers with information on individual slot machines’ payback percentages, I get a little worried. Furthermore, if bonus terms are confusing – or even worse, impossible to clear – alarms go off in my head. I recommend sticking to legitimate online casino sites exclusively.

Example: Casino Luck (no US customers allowed) is a relative newcomer in the online gambling industry (founded in 2011). Fortunately, the site seems to have gotten off on the right foot. For example, publishing payback percentages for all of its games is exactly the kind of behavior we need in the online gambling world.

Game Selection & Software

Mobile gambling is growing at a fast rate and the growth rate is unlikely to slow down anytime soon. In fact, the mobile gaming industry overall has exploded. Since mobile gambling games are in competition with other real-money mobile games, online casinos have to constantly improve the quality of their games to match the quality and experience other mobile games provide. While many software providers have fallen behind, companies like NetEntertainment, Betsoft, and Cryptologic have adjusted and are reaping the rewards (here’s an example: NetEnt’s stock price graph).

Unfortunately for those living in the US, all the highest-quality casino software is available only for players outside of the US. Our pick for the best casino software provider in the US is Realtime Gaming (RTG), although Rival Gaming is a close competitor.


Casino promotions come in many shapes and forms. I’ve always preferred a couple of powerful promotions instead of 10 different ones that nobody has time to pay attention. For example, I would be happy if my online casino only had a top-quality deposit bonus (to get me started) and loyalty program (to keep me going).

By large, the online casino industry has chosen a different route. At any given casino, you may find at least five different bonus offers and promotions to qualify for. In general, none of the promotions are especially good. They’re just ”more stuff” the casino offers.

About Deposit Bonuses

I recommend paying little attention to the sheer amount or size of any casino’s promotions, because as always, the devil is in the details. Huge bonuses, in general, are almost impossible to clear (throughout the 10+ years I’ve been involved in the casino industry, I’ve yet to see an exception).

As a rule of thumb, we should look for a bonus moderate in size and reasonable in wagering requirements. In fact, it’s all about wagering requirements and other bonus terms, because they determine whether you’ll be able to clear the bonus, no matter how big or small it is. And yes, bonus terms are significantly different from one casino to another.

For example, imagine clearing the bonus at ComeOn! Casino (a 70x wagering requirement) rather than at Video Slots (a 20x wagering requirement). At Video Slots, you’ll have a reasonable chance of succeeding, while clearing the bonus is close to impossible at ComeOn! Casino.

In addition to the size of the wagering requirement, it’s important to pay attention to other bonus terms, such as which games qualify for the bonus promotion (for example, blackjack games usually have higher wagering requirements than slots due to lower house edge) and how much time you have to clear the bonus from the moment you make the deposit.

One more thing: most casinos bonuses are advertised as ”x% up to $y,” so for example, ”200% up to $200.” Before signing-up and depositing, make sure to find out what that the casino means by that. Either the maximum amount that qualifies for the bonus is $200 and you get a 200% bonus on that (so actually a $400 bonus) or the maximum qualifying deposit amount is $100 (in which case the bonus amount is $200).